Flexibility, Approachability

...the hands on approach of the small local seafood guy, with the financial, technological, and experience of the big guys.

The Ipswich Maritime Fleet

Don’t you wish you could get all the “top of the catch” quality, hands on knowledge, flexibility and approachability, of your small local fish guy coupled with the inventory protection, credit and service of the big guys?? Well now you can. IMP. We buy fish directly from harvesters and fishermen, process and pack it ourselves and deliver directly to you in our own private fleet of trucks.

There is literally NO ONE between you and the ocean besides Team IMP

We also have the experience and instinct to know when and where to protect our customers’ market volatility and pricing changes so you can manage food costs and maximize your profits. We ensure timely deliveries of safe, sustainable, quality seafood from our 30,000 square-foot FDA and SQF 3’rd party audited facility.

It's all about safety and quality

Here at Ipswich Maritime we pride ourselves on safety and quality of our products. Every step of production is carefully managed to ensure everything we handle is maintained at the highest possible quality. We meet and exceed all federal and state requirements and continually work to be on the leading edge of product handling best practices. Extensive employee training, internal and external audits are the foundation of our commitment to product quality and safety.